How many of us have an extra $1,500 to $2,500 to spend over the next 6-8 weeks on “unexpected healthcare costs”? The answer is, not many. To stop the revolving door of patients coming in but leaving before they complete your recommended treatment plan, you must adopt a retail approach to the business of chiropractic care. You must introduce your patients to meaningful financing solutions that answer their question of “how am I going to afford this care?”. The problem is, as the patient’s pain diminishes, their wallet pain increases, causing a fracture between you and your patient. They no longer associate a trip to your office with pain relief; rather, they consider it simply painful. You must reassure them of your commitment to their health and wellness by offering, without a credit check, the ability for them to pay for their care over time. Advanced Business Management Patient Financing offers you real, meaningful solutions. Offering payment plans can increase your patient visit average (PVA), increase practice revenue, and enhance patient outcomes as you enable patients to afford their full treatment plan.