Patient Financing Benefits

Conversion of new patients is a weak spot of almost every practice. Most doctors convert around 60-70% of new patients that enter their office. This leaves 30-40% of new patients unconverted. That is a huge number of unconverted patients. When you add up all the revenue that is lost and all the people wanting care who do not wind up getting the care that they need–something needs to be done.
Money – or more accurately lack of money – is the main reason patients do not convert. Many patients simply cannot afford to prepay and will not qualify for traditional patient financing (only those in the upper brackets of the credit score system qualify for traditional patient financing programs). The Advanced Business Management patient financing program now becomes the only realistic payment option for the patient and opens up the possibility of being able to afford care to many more patients. Unlike with other finance plans all patients qualify for this program. This is good for the patient – they receive the care they need. And it is good for the doctor – a patient that would normally be lost to the office now becomes a paying patient. There is nothing worse in my mind than having a patient respond to expensive advertising, enter the office seeking help for a spinal condition that I know I can help, and then leave because they cannot find a way to pay for care. Each patient lost this way is income lost to the practice and a patient lost to chiropractic care.
If we—as chiropractors—do not treat them where does this patient go next? Drugs? Surgery? We as chiropractors know that we are the patient’s best option. We just need to find a way to make our care is financially do-able for the patient. Bottom line is—By utilizing the Advanced Business Management patient financing program in your office more patients will be able to convert, more patients needing chiropractic care will be able to afford chiropractic care.