How it Works

Everything up until the financial close goes exactly as it always does. The doctor consults the patient, educates the patient as to how his treatment will benefit the patient and most importantly (a lot of doctors do not fully complete this step) reach agreement with the patient that the patient does indeed want the care before moving to the financial close.  Honestly, if a patient makes it to the financial close portion of your ROF they want the care. You just need to have the proper tools available (this program) to allow them to afford it.  At this point the doctor would try to close the patient using his existing pre pay and patient financing options as normal.  If the patient is unable to pre pay and does not qualify for traditional patient financing you will start to hear the patient say something like “I need to go home and think about it”—and turn to walk out your door. And believe me, they won’t be coming back. Patient financing bridges the gap between the patient who wants care and being able to realistically afford the care.