Makes care affordable for all: With our extended payment option, virtually every person that comes into a doctor’s office will be able to afford the care they want and need. And we do it without a credit check. The only thing a patient needs is a checking account, savings account, or a credit/debit card.
Allows patients and doctors to choose the right treatment: Because of the economy, doctors are often forced to prescribe treatments based on a patient’s insurance benefits or what the patient can afford to pay out-of-pocket and not based on what the patient really needs. Thus, the growing “quick fix” trend in healthcare. This means that dentists have to pull teeth and veterinarians have to put pets to sleep (“financial euthanasia”) rather than being able to provide other, sometimes far better but more expensive treatment options. With Advanced Business Management’s patient financing, doctors can provide the best care possible and patients and pet owners can pay for it over time.